Miss Nelson Has a Field Day (May 9 & 16)

Our History

Richard and Donna Myers have been a dynamic duo since saying “I do.” Now in their 70’s, the couple started their lives together by running a bridal shop out of a restored mansion in Danville, Illinois. While they sold wedding gowns during the day, the couple began dabbling in theatre at night and hosting small shows in their store. This dabbling turned into an exciting opportunity to serve and connect with people when the couple decided to rent a small space in Waynetown, Indiana and officially opened Myers Dinner Theatre.  When MDT outgrew the small store front theatre, Richard and Donna began searching for another space. They purchased the current building in Hillsboro, Indiana in 2002. Prior to being a theatre, the building held racquetball courts and was in need of quite a bit of work to be able to function as a theatre. Years later, Myers Dinner Theatre is a staple in Hillsboro, Indiana, and we are thankful to be part of a hospitable, charming community. Through homemade meals and theatrical productions, Richard, Donna, and their staff want to raise the spirits of those who are low, bring a sense of peace to those in need, hear the laughter reach the rafters, and bring a message of hope through theatre with a purpose.


B & H General Store

B & H General Store

B & H General Store

Looking for a great gift idea? The next time you join us at Myers Dinner Theatre, stop by the B&H General Store and browse through our collection of clothing and jewelry. 


Themed Restrooms

B & H General Store

B & H General Store

Donna loves to decorate, and has tailored each of our eight restrooms to create a fun tour experience for our guests.  You will definitely want to try the Fishing Lodge, Victorian, Noah’s Ark, or Outhouse which is a patron favorite!


Fountain County

B & H General Store

Fountain County


Myers Dinner Theatre resides in the quaint town of Hillsboro, IN in the heart of Fountain County. Centrally located in the Wabash Valley, Hillsboro sits in the heartland between Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Danville and is near some of Indiana’s most beautiful State Parks with sweeping views, rolling hills, rock formations, and even waterfalls.

Visit West Central Indiana


Parke County Covered Bridge Festival

The Covered Bridge Festival is hosted in Rockville, IN and is only 20 minutes away from our theatre. The area features 31 covered bridges, which is one of the largest covered bridge collections in the world. The area is stunning in the fall and spring and is a great place to visit during the warmer Indiana months.   Learn More...


Turkey Run State Park

Turkey Run State Park has something for everyone. You can hike some of the most rugged hiking trails in the state, enjoy horseback riding, camp, stay at the Turkey Run Inn, canoe or tube down the Sugar Creek River, visit historic sites, and learn about Indiana plants and animal in the nature center. While there is plenty to do, be sure to pause to enjoy the beautiful sites.  Learn More...


Shades State Park

You can’t camp at Shades State Park, but there is plenty to do from sunup until sundown. The state park offers hiking trails, fishing, canoeing, and more. Those who are willing to take a fairly long hike can join the Pine Hills Nature Preserve on a hike with spectacular topography and learn more about the plants, animals, and nature in the area.   Learn More...


The Crawfordsville Strawberry Festival

Each year in June, Crawfordsville and Montgomery County residents come together to create the largest local event of the year, the Strawberry Festival.  For three days, the grounds of the historic Lane Place is transformed into a strawberry themed festival featuring food, fun, arts & crafts and top notch entertainment for all ages.  It’s truly a family friendly atmosphere designed to bring back those fond memories of a time when the pace of life was slower and families were able to spend time relaxing together. We invite you to come to Crawfordsville and experience the festival first hand.  Learn More...


General Lew Wallace Study & Museum

Crawfordsville, Indiana is also home of the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum, formerly known as the Ben-Hur Museum. Lewis Wallace was an American lawyer, Union general in the American Civil War, and Indiana author. Wallace designed the study himself and wrote much of his novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ there. The novel was published in 1880 and was the bestselling novel of the nineteenth century until Gone with the Wind was released. All will enjoy taking a tour of Wallace’s home and carriage house.  Learn More...


The Montgomery County Rotary Jail Museum

There’s quite a bit of history in our neck of the woods, and Crawfordsville, Indiana is home of the only remaining operational rotary jail in the United States. What is a rotary jail you might be wondering? With the use of a crank, jail cells rotate and used to allow one prisoner to get in or out of his cell at a time. The jail opened in 1882 and closed in 1973. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and now functions as a museum. You can also visit the old sheriff’s home next door. This is a unique landmark that you will definitely want to see.   Learn More...